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Background: Extensive experience over many years within commercial IT environments at various management and product development levels. Experienced in systems development on UNIX/Linux/Windows platforms with C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, Perl and PHP.

Research Interests: My research is specifically directed towards discovery of ncRNA regulatory networks. I am utilising skill sets gained in my former IT career to develop toolsets which are allowing me to perform comparative genomics at eukaryotic (human, mouse, rat) genome scale on Windows platforms. At the same time I am gaining the necessary molecular biology domain knowledge so that I can start to analyse the generated comparative datasets from a biological perspective.

A Personal Perspective: The toolsets are being developed for execution on Windows platforms rather than the usual Bioinformatics platform of choice - UNIX/Linux - as it is my belief that the biggest challenge facing Bioinformatics, now and into the future, is not in the generation and management of ever increasing datasets. The challenge is to make these datasets more easily accessible to Biologists with specialised domain knowledge in a visual and interactive environment so as to maximise the discovery rate of biologically significant functional association with data points.

Research Outcomes: Co-authored paper published in Science. 2004 May 28

“Ultraconserved elements in the human genome.”

Bejerano G, Pheasant M, Makunin I, Stephen S, Kent WJ, Mattick JS, Haussler D.

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