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Additional Supplementary Information

Thank you for visiting our supplementary information webpage. Here you can find additional files and information about the tiRNAs and spliRNAs described in our recent Nature Structural and Molecular Biology manuscript, Taft and Simons et al. Nuclear-localized tiny RNAs are associated with transcription initiation and splice sites in metazoans (LINK). Please note that FASTQ file, trimmed and compressed FASTA files, and BED files of uniquely mapping tags are available for both the THP-1 and mouse granulocyte nuclei data sets at NCBI GEO via accessions GSE20664 (LINK) and GSE20683 (LINK), respectively.

The files below are all tar compressed, and can be downloaded by right clicking and using the 'Save As' menu item to save to your preferred directory. All files contain all the data sets analyzed for that particular organism or cell type. For example, the THP-1 files contain data derived from the cytoplasmic, nuclear and total RNA fractions.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate contact us (Ryan Taft,



Mapped spliRNA files (i.e. BED files)

spliRNA gene lists

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