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Marcel completed his PhD in 2003 at the University of Waikato (New Zealand) and joined the Mattick group in June 2005 with a NZ Foundation of Research, Science & Technology Postdoctoral Fellowship to study the role of long noncoding RNAs in mammalian disease and development. In 2010, he was awarded an NHMRC Career Development Award (CDA). In October 2011, Marcel established his lab to extend his work on long noncoding RNAs and apply this knowledge to understand and treat disease. In October 2012, Marcel was recruited to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research as Head of the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics and Laboratory Head of Genome Informatics.

Marcel manages this wiki and the group websites listed below. He also regularly updates and helps to maintain the long noncoding RNA entry in the Wikipedia. You can find his Epernicus profile at




ABA ncRNA Expression Database Public database containing expression data from the Allen Brain Atlas (Instructions also available).

ncRNA Expression Database Database containing expression data from the v1 noncoding array and the Allen Brain Atlas.

lncRNAdb Database of long noncoding RNAs.

Marcel Dinger

Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Tools

I have developed a number of tools to facilitate the analysis of deep sequencing data. Most of these revolve around UCSC Genome Browser file formats (BED and WIG) and ZOOM outputs.

bedToWiggle | bedOffset | wigConvert | wiggyWin | wiggySum | wiggyMerge | wiggyCorrelate | wiggyCompare | wiggyBin | ziggySum | ziggyWin

For detailed usage information or copies of these scripts, please contact me.

Microarray Analysis Tutorials

The Mattick Lab designed the NCode microarrays for analysing the expression of long noncoding RNAs in mouse and human. These arrays are based on the Agilent platform. Below are descriptions of the procedures we developed for analysing data from one and two colour high-density Agilent microarrays using the Limma library (part of Bioconductor) in R.

Single channel analysis of Agilent microarray data with Limma

Two channel analysis of Agilent microarray data with Limma


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