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Public sites managed by JSM Group

Human Mitochondrial Transcriptome Online resource for Mercer et al Cell (2011).

NuclearTinyRNAs Supplementary tiRNA and spliRNA files - Taft et al Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2010).

lncRNAdb Long Non-Coding RNA Database - a curated repository of long regulatory RNAs in eukaryotes.

RNAdb Database of mammalian noncoding RNAs.

NRED: Noncoding RNA Expression Database Database of expression data of long noncoding RNAs.

ABA ncRNA Expression Database Public database containing expression data from the Allen Brain Atlas (Instructions also available).

GONOME Finding associations between genomic positions and Genome Ontology (GO) terms.

Internal JSM Group sites

ncRNA Expression Database Internal database containing expression data from the v1 noncoding array and the Allen Brain Atlas.

UCSC-IMB New UCSC Genome Browser mirror site @ IMB.

Journals We Like

Frontiers in Genetics A open source journal with a novel peer-review process. (Ryan Taft is an editor)

Frontiers in Noncoding RNA Frontiers in Non-Coding RNA is a Specialty Section of Frontiers in Genetics (Marcel Dinger is an editor)

Other useful resources

Babelomics Useful website for GO analyses

Galaxy Interactive web tool for comparative genomics.

Allen Brain Atlas Gene expression in mouse brain.

MGI Mouse Genome Informatics. A portal site for functional RNAs and non-coding RNAs.

smiRNAdb A Mammalian microRNA Expression Atlas from Tuschl lab.

miRBase miRNA Registry @ Sanger Institute

Mattick TV

NEW TvMattick Live feed from the Mattick group

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